29 September,
20.00 Moscow /17.00 gmt /18.00 London / 13.00 New York

Open yourself to nature through
Shamanic Herbalism
Free webinar with Tatyana Chuykina

Since ancient times there were herbalists who knew how to talk with the living natural world. Plants play a huge role in all shamanic traditions around the world to this day.

Herbs open new doorways and possibilities; they protect, heal, teach and help body and soul express their natural beauty. Not one traditional celebration, initiation or ritual would be possible without them. Plants are imbued with the energy of life and truth. They are a valuable resource offering inspiration and helping you open your source of creativity.

To connect with herbs in this way, there needs to be a synthesis of scientific knowledge on plant characteristics, with subtle energy perception. This entails taking a specific sequence of steps in a particular state of mind and with a particular intention. This special practice opens up a completely different level of contact with the surrounding world.
  • Can I come into contact with this kind of knowledge if I live in the city?
  • How can I turn information into experience?
  • How can I be sure that my connection with herbs at the subtle level is not made up but something I truly feel?
  • How can I remain a socially-integrated human in the process?
How to start building 'personal relations' with the world of herbs and plants on our Earth.
The traditions that form the foundations of these practices.
How this is connected to faith. Can religious people of different confessions or atheists practice shamanic/spiritual herbalism?
What specific things you need to know and steps you need to take.
The role of shamanic trance and how to enter it by yourself.
Safety measures.
You will also receive two working techniques to help you connect with the subtle energies of the plant world!
Webinar facilitator
Tatyana Chuykina
Herbalist, shamanic practitioner, a guide into the energies of nature.

She moved from the centre of Moscow with her family to live in a remote forest in Yaroslavskaya Region.

She gave up her office career for a path of deep connection with nature.
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29 September. 20.00 Moscow /17.00 gmt /18.00 London / 13.00 New York